The beginning
of Mitterer’s
success story


Starting as a little blacksmith workshop in Terlan it has been developed over three generations and then evolved into today’s leading company.

The workshop’s founder was Albert Mitterer born in 1877 in Laurein am Nonsberg. In the years from 1894 to 1896 he learned the blacksmith’s trade profession in Völlan and went off on his travels, which was very common at that time. Then he found his first job as a blacksmith in Vilpian at the brothers Schwarz’s beer brewery.
In 1909 Albert Mitterer opened his own workshop as a certified farrier and wagonmaker in Terlan in Kreuth’s district. He was directly neighboured to Thomas Peer, a cartwright master and constructor of the first cable car of the Kohlerer Seilbahn.
The same year his son Ernst was born. His son soon followed his father’s footsteps and led then the business with dedication since the 1930ies.

1940 Agricultural machinery - read more

After the Second World War the agriculture in the Etschtal valley experienced important changes. Agriculture and cattle industry were replaced by fruit cultivation and viticulture and the mechanization of work increased continuously.

For Ernst Mitterer these change represented a big challenge in his life which he also took. In the 1950ies he managed to build up a product range of trailers with registered roll-table, special ploughs, branchwood crushing machines, as well as planning and construction of frost control and sprinkler irrigation systems based on a serious of good ideas and a genius mind.

However also the shoeing of horses was in the repertoire until the 1960ies.

1960 the first sprayers - read more

Ultimately the construction of sprayers for pest control in agriculture became the company’s core business, initially under form of so called arm devices and later as sprayers with round ventilators and fan with vortex system, revolutionary back then. Wearing red colour and the yellow inscription „Mitterer“ the products became a trademark.

Thanks to the strong demand and continuously increasing PO situation the company had to be expanded various times, new factory building and offices were necessary; due to these construction measure and continuous modernisation the Mitterer company has reached its position as a market leader.

An important matter has always been the direct contact with customers in order to find tailor-made solutions for individual needs.

The Ernst Mitterer company - read more

The sprayers were contonuously improved and perfected and the market place has reached destinations far beyond the borders of South Tyrol, initially in other Italian regions (for example, Veneto, Romagna and Calabria) and then abroad.
The Mitterer sprayers were used in the area around the Bodensee in Germany and also in several European countries as well as at the market of the Eastern European countries.

In the 1970ies the Ernst Mitterer company changed its legal form into „E. Mitterer K.G. des Ernst Mitterer und Co.“

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The „E. Mitterer und Co. K.G.“ company is placed on a commercial area of 5,000 m². As the third Mitterer generation Ernst’s eldest sons Hermann and Anton are in charge of their father’s company after having completed their craftsman masters. In 1955 the senior boss for many years Ernst Mitterer died. His nephews are already part of the company and thus assure the continuation of the family business for another many years.

Over time the sprayers’ technologies have been developed and innovated. The Mitterer company managed to set standards in the plant protection sector and its sprayers are still considered some of the most innovative and of high quality in this range.

As one of the leading producers of professional sprayers for crop protection today the company exports to almost any European country whereas every year new ones are added and the name Mitterer today stands for top quality together with long-time experience.