The Italian pump provider CAPRARI S.P.A. is one of the leading manufactures of electrical engine pumps including equipment for drinking water, waste water and water for industrial use in agricultural, commercial and municipal applications. The headquarter of the company founded in 1945 and still lead by its owners is in Modena, Italy. CAPRARI employs about 700 people in three establishments, two in Italy and one in China. Outside Italy the manufacturer is represented by eight establishments: in Australia, Germany, France, Greece, UK, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia. About 600 service and trade points in 70 countries support the user.

CAPRARI offers about 40 pump series with delivery power up to 300 m³/min. Regarding construction the „green“ producer pulls out all the stops in order to focus on the products’ performance and energy efficiency. Planning, production and installation are based on newest technologies in order to reach an excellent price to quality ratio. In order to increase the advance CAPRARI not only produces castings and engines itself, but also the software for the pump construction. The multiple certified company is focussed on the single clients’ needs.

Thanks to its wide and experienced know-how today CAPRARI offers the best and most efficient solutions for the main requests in the water sector: deep well water delivery, waste water delivery, water supply in municipalities, industry and agriculture, diverse applications within the water treatment.

Together with its partners the company develops already today technologies for tomorrow’s demands, that’s one of the reasons why we are proud to be partner of this company.

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