Irrigation systems

For already more than 60 years MITTERER has been specializing in planning, development and realization of irrigation systems. In this sector the company is always a step ahead with its products and has built up a reputation in Europe. Everything began back at the end of the 1940ies when the first irrigation system for the vineyards was installed in Ober- und Unterkreuth, two districts of the village Terlan. At that time this system was quite new and it was immediately adapted in the whole Province. Some years later, at the beginning of the 1950ies in Vilpian the first frost protection irrigation was realized. It took almost 40 years until the modern drop irrigation pipes became popular in South Tyrol, which are still successfully employed today.

Depending on the customers’ needs we successfully plan, design and install irrigation and drop irrigation as well as frost protection systems. Depending on the possibilities fixed or mobile pump units with diesel engine or electrical engine submersible deep- well pumps are used.

Thanks to our long-time experience we guarantee a reliable and serious service.
Our qualified staff are at the farmers’ service.

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